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What I Do

Why is the Relationship Advisor important?

I believe that a relationship counselor provides a type of talk therapy that allows both parties in a relationship to talk about their problems and feelings in a safe and private environment. Speaking through our problems, we understand ourselves better and, under the guidance, are often able to make changes that improve our daily lives and relationships.

This type of consulting approach helps couples of all types explore, recognize, and resolve conflicts in order to improve their relationships and interactions. During a conversation with a relationship advisor, you may be provided with the tools to make informed and thoughtful decisions about your relationship.


An open discussion with a relationship counselor can help couples:


• Understand the relationships they currently have and how they relate to each other.
• Rediscover why they drew each other to the first meeting
• Find out what they want from their relationship and from each other
• Consider how both parties contribute to current relationships.
• Determine what they are willing to do to make their relationship work.

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